Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Whatever happened to Carl Morris?

CARL took defeat as the Labour candidate on May 7th with great dignity. Some people did not think he had such humility in him: they obviously don’t know him.

Carl took a little time off but he was soon back in the saddle as he has been appointed East of England regional organiser for the Labour Party.

We caught up with Carl after a committee meeting of the Thurrock Community Chest and discussed a variety of subjects: Labour’s strengths and weaknesses in the regions, the new leader Ed Miliband, the october cuts,the reign of Jackie Doyle Price “a Tory machine politician”.

Carl doesn’t pull his punches when it comes to the salary of chief executives of councils including Thurrock Council’s Graham Farrant. Carl is amazed that when everybody else is taking a pay cut or imposing a pay freeze, there appears to be a “stony silence” from the cabal of council chiefs.

After four months, it was good to hear from Carl. He is and remains a political “class act” that the boroughs’ political scene misses but we are sure he will be popping up again.



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