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Busy half term for Music Services

Thurrock Music Services at the Culver Centre, South Ockendon is engaging in one of its most ambitious programmes of half term workshops for many years. Monday 25 October and Tuesday 26 October 2010 will see Orchestral Workshops for both The Thurrock Youth Training Orchestra and the Thurrock Youth Orchestra.

The Youth Orchestra will be focussing on Haydn’s Symphony 101, Mozart’s Overture to Marriage of Figaro, as well as a Mozart Piano Concerto. The Training Orchestra will have a varied repertoire of light classics and TV themes many of which have been specifically arranged by the lead conductor Daryl Barber.

Anyone interested in joining the Thurrock Youth Orchestra or Thurrock Youth Training Orchestra should contact Thurrock Music Services on Tel: 01375 413680. Players of woodwind instruments of Grade 5 standard or above would be particularly welcome. For the Training Orchestra, players of all orchestral instruments of between Grade 1 and Grade 3 standard are welcome.

On Wednesday 27 October 2010, there is a Percussion Workshop being run by the Percussion Faculty of Thurrock Music Services. This will feature Workshops on kit drumming as well as African and Latin American styles of Percussion.

Thursday 28 October and Friday 29 October 2010, will focus on a Training Windband Workshop led by John Malam and Rob Jones. This is aimed at beginner woodwind, brass and percussion players of around Grade 2 standard. Repertoire for the two days will be based on pieces specifically written for the group by John Malam.

Anyone interested in participating in any of the above courses with a view to joining one of the groups should contact Thurrock Music Services on Tel: 01375 413680/413681 for further details.


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