Another fatal crash on the M25

News at 0800hrs

Police are in attendance at a crash on the clockwise track of the M25 between junction 29 and 30. The crash happened at about 05.40 am this morning, (October 15, 2010) and involved at least 3 vehicles.

There are believed to be serious injuries. A road closure has been put in at junction 29 and the clockwise carriageway is completely blocked. The road will remain closed for some considerable time and there are currently delays on the anticlockwise carriageway as people slow down by the crash scene.

The police will update with further details once they are clarified from the scene.

10.48 The Highways Agency are currently in the process of turning round vehicles stuck behind the crash. This involves a considerable number of vehicles including heavy lorries as the crash is closer to junction 30. Polce officers are currently dealing with the collision. The current situation is that we believe one person is dead, two people have been taken to Queens Hospital, one of them is in a critical condition and one person has been taken to Basildon University Hospital with serious injuriesupdate

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