Sunday, April 2, 2023

Tories demand proper preparations for winter

Conservative Councillors Garry Hague and Phil Anderson have demanded that Thurrock Council should be better prepared for severe weather this winter.

Cllr Hague observed that “Council staff worked hard to cope with the exceptional weather conditions last winter, but we didn’t get everything right and we have to ensure that we learn the lessons for next time”.

At the Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday, Cllr Anderson made the following proposals to ensure that things are better managed this year:

“Firstly, we must never again have the situation where waste collection crews are sent home on health and safety grounds while there is vital work that they could be doing clearing access to schools, healthcare facilities, and OAP complexes.

“Secondly, public information needs to be improved. The council has detailed information available on weather forecasts, salt stocks, gritting plans, and snow clearance, and there is no reason why this shouldn’t be made available in real time to the press and public.

“Finally, we need to involve the whole community in responding to heavy snowfalls rather than assuming that council workers can do it all alone. Community groups should be allowed to put plans in place to mobilise volunteers, and know that the council will support them by providing supplies of gritting salt and forecast information.”

The Committee unanimously accepted all three recommendations from the Conservative group.


  1. Only time will tell if we will fall foul of the H&S brigade yet again in regards to the Refuse collections, I cannot see it being any different from the last time it snowed in Thurrock where there was a complete joke of a service.


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