Friday, March 24, 2023

Labour Deputy: Sorry doesn’t seem to be the hardest word…..

WHEN YT interviewed new Chief Executive Graham Farrant recently he stressed the importance of sometimes holding your hands up and saying sorry.

Deputy Leader Val Morris-Cook took a leaf out of his book last night at full council, by telling residents and councillors from the Frost Estate in Corringham that she had got it wrong when it came to the subject of waste collection.

The deputy rolled the two issues into one by iterating that there would not be fortnightly bin collections “on her watch” but she also stressed that she had not consulted the residents of the Corringham estate.

She had met with residents and councillors before the meeting and had gone out into the ward during the weekend.

She said: “I appreciate the problems they had with foxes tearing into their bags. I appreciate the work of the local ward councillors.”

Councillor Morris-Cook then gave a visual demonstration: bringing out items from a bag and stressing which bin they go into.

Cllr Danny Nicklen presented a petition from a large number of residents to the council.


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