Sunday, April 2, 2023

Council leader: “The cuts will be like a hammer blow to Thurrock”

COUNCIL leader responded to the Chancellor George Osbornes’ Comprehensive Spending Review by describing it as like a “hammer blow” to the residents of Thurrock.

Cllr John Kent told the full council that they had prepared for cuts in the region of 23% at worst but now had to accept that “the cuts would now be in the region of 30%.”

“With police cuts of 4% and fire in the region of 25%. With the bridge tolls rising 66%. With half a million jobs set to be shed in the public sector and the cuts to the benefits, these are all sickening hammer blows to the borough.”


  1. Unfortunatley the cuts have to be made following the gross negligence of the Labour party with the countries finances, this is what happens when you spend more that you have and turn to borrowing out of your depth.

    Yes the cuts will hurt but they are necessary to undo all of the rot from the last Labour administration.

    Maybe TBC need to look at some of their positions and see if some of the Councillors are actually needed, do we really need a Pride In Thurrock portfolio? could this be bundled with other departments, could Childrens Social Care be merged with Adult Social Care into one Social Care portfolio?

    Do we really require a Mayor, what purpose do they serve within the borouigh?

    Do we need almost 50 Councillors for the borough?


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