Saturday, April 1, 2023

The community quilters return

Lucy Chipperfield

This time last year I was simply amazed by the remarkable work that was showcased by the lovely ladies from the Community Dump Quilters group. Therefore, you can understand my delight when I heard they had returned with a brand new range of quilt-tastic quality!

As you would expect, quilting is a very time consuming hobby and it takes years to complete one quilt. However, this did not stop the Community Dump Quilters from organising another brilliant event to showcase their talents and latest projects.

Throughout the day, members of the public were invited to indulge in the quilting world and have a thoroughly enjoyable time whilst learning everything you need to know about this creative craft.

I certainly learnt that there is much more to quilting than a few pieces of material, and I cannot wait to see the next batch of quilting wonders that the Community Dump Quilters create!


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