Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Purfleet turns out for Lenny’s party

“IT IS a celebration of his life and not the mourning of his death.” Stacey Corderey was holding back the tears but illustrated the community spirit and sense of loyalty that has been displayed by the people of Purfleet in reaction to the sad passing of Aveley lad, Leonard Scamp.

Leonard died from a brain tumour last week. Family and friends had hoped that he would survive until christmas. The community had planned a series of events including a visit to the X-Factor. There, Lenny had a fantastic time meeting Danni Minogue and acts such as Rebecca Ferguson.

The community had also planned a “christmas” party at St Stephen’s church in Purfleet for Saturday October 23rd. Tragically, Lenny passed away last weekend.

The good people of Purfleet, however, wanted to keep their promise and so the party did go on.

YourThurrock went down to the church to speak to family and friends about why they felt the party should go on.



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