Friday, March 24, 2023

Council cuts still £4 million short

A SENIOR Thurrock Council officer revealed the stark financial news that all the saving plans up for discussion still leave the borough almost four million short.

Officers and councillors are in the middle of discussions regarding a vast number of cuts on a range of services in Thurrock.

Whilst councillors spent over an hour discussing library hours on Thursday night, one councillor asked the key question to Director of Finance Martin Hone.

Aveley councillor Wendy Herd asked: “Do all the cuts or efficiency savings that are on the board just now amount in total to the £15 million we need to find?”

He said: “The truth is that if you take all the proposals across all the committees, they come to around £11.5 million. That still leaves us with £3.5 million.”

Tory critics of the Labour proposals believe that they should have tabled £18 million worth of cuts and so enabling some cuts to be saved.

The proposals continue to be discussed at meetings this week. Council cabinet meet on November 10th with the final decision being met at a full council meeting in December.


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