Friday, March 24, 2023

Clamp down on bad neighbours in South Ockendon

A series of walkabouts carried out since the spring has resulted in positive action being taken to drive out anti social behaviour on the Flowers Estate. Ward Councillors worked with police, the anti social behaviour team and the local housing office, and enough evidence was gathered from distressed residents for a number of Good Neighbour Contracts to be served on the perpetrators.

Cllr Carr said “We can replicate what we have done on this estate. We believe that the information sharing meetings we have monthly with other agencies is the best way to get results for the residents. However, we can do nothing until residents are prepared to tell us where the problems are.”

At Full Council, there was unanimous agreement to back an investigation into an order giving police the powers to confiscate alcohol in the streets of South Ockendon.

Cllr Carr added, “We have started the process, we now need residents to provide the evidence that street drinking is a problem. We need residents to report incidents to the police when there is drinking in the park, or when there are cans and glass all over the pavements.

Nobody wants to see kids stepping around broken glass to get to the swings. We know people are worried about reprisals, but they can report to ward councillors in confidence. Its time to take a stand, this behaviour is unacceptable in our communities, and we need to stamp it out now”


  1. Why not just stand outside the off licences and follow them home, then you’ll see where the problems are! Don’t ask the residents to put themselves in the firing line when the Police sit on their arses in cars and do nothing!!!!! Watch adults pass on the drink and cigarettes when they have bought them at the request of the teenage tykes! Fine them heavy, teach them a lesson!

    Other than that, change the law and insist all alcohol remain in sealed bags until they reach their home destination whether it be house, hall, pub club etc!
    If found unsealed, heavy fine and confiscation of the alcohol! All Alcohol to remain in boot of cars til destination arrival. If found in cab of vehicle, confiscate and crush vehicle! Message will soon get home!

  2. My O My more advise to the public of South Ockendon, from the great obscessed Mr Nightwolf (Chris Savill), I do hope you had permission from SORA, you r masters, or your Labour councillor mates..
    You are really full of it, advise here, advise there, but always getting it wrong.
    Why not suggest shooting them, or perhaps whipping them within a inch of there lives.
    If you cant give sensible advise, then Dont, because it shows how stupid you are.
    Well Mr Nitewolf it appears that I owe yo a apology, I thought you attacked people who, you suspect of opposingyou, but no you have a go at anybody on these blogs.
    We the residents of South Ockendon, are sick of your stupid idiotic rants, which you cover up by saying that somebody told you, well Tell us who is your secret mole is, it does not take the ordinary resident long to find out that its, somebody in your little Brain (Head), and not a real person.
    ONCE again get Help, SEE SOMEBODY ABOUT YOUR OBSCESSIONS, to be correct all the time.
    Go on a holiday for a few years, and take your Minibus with you, it must be Hell to be one of your passengers..

  3. Hi Snakebiteuk,
    I dont feel that anybody as the right to criticise another person or persons just because he or she as been told to do so by there paid masters, our nasty little nitewolf, thinks he is a top player who knows everything, about everything, which I think is very dangerous, to answer your question, yes he is being told what to do, and when to do it, left to his own devises, he hasnt anything worth saying, I dont know about throwing him a bone, a stick of dynamite would be better.


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