Primary attainment: Green shoots showing

A report and discussion at Thurrock Council’s childrens’ services committee pointed to a number of examples of ‘green shoots” of recovery in Thurrock’s underperforming primary schools.

One of the key problems was the number of interim headteachers but the report showed that this had declined from over 30% to 15%.

The report illustrated that with heads such as Martin Cowpland taking over at Quarry Hill for their amalgamation and highly regarded head, Mark Jones at Thameside, the schools were, in many ways heading in the right direction.

The report laid bare many of the academic challenges still ahead with a number of worrying statistics showing Thurrock primary schools lagging well behind the national average.

At key stage 2 English results had declined for three years in a row. While at Maths, Thurrock was 4% below national average and lagged behind East of England and similar boroughs and districts.

Recruitment was still a challenge with six adverts for Heads receiving receiving only one note of interest.

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