Saturday, June 22, 2024

Surgery over Ruskin Road swingpark tonight

STANFORD Councillor Terry Hipsey is holding a surgery this evening at St Margarets church between 5pm and 8pm.

Residents are welcome to discuss a variety of issues and subjects with the Labour councillor.


  1. Will be interesting to see what the outcome of this will be or will it all fall on deaf ears? TBC should pick up the bill and reinstate the play area from their own money, maybe Mr Kent can dig deep into the pot and find some money or just not pay expenses to some of his cronies and use that, TBC are winning no votes over this issue and are alienating the youth of today

  2. I think the whole senario of taking something away without a forward plan is not well thought out, do TBC really care about the people of Thurrock?.

    I have had the good fortune to witness the replacement of two play parks over the last couple of summers under the play scheme project where outside funding has supported the works.

    One works fine with the whole thing very appreciated by the youngsters, the other has suffered the anti-social mob, who added at least 4 weeks to the construction element, by causing damage or wantonly removing items concreted in through the day, later that evening.

    I overheard some saying they would be back to set fire to certain aspects of the park, all the issues were reported by local councillors and the contractors.

    So when you say that TBC are alienating the youth of today, I feel many of these kids come from dis-functional families and probably don’t know right from wrong, proof of this was when I witnessed a guy in his 30’s with a 2-3 year old child, his wife, a friend and a dog committing criminal damage in one park, then walking away laughing, I questioned him and he mumbled a reply before walking off, the groundsman reported the incident, nothing has been heard since.

  3. Confused, yep you are right, some of the youth appeard to have been dragged up rather by their neandethal parents who themselves have no respect for anyone elses property, unfortunately this is very prevelant in todays society.

    A lot of the problems are the lack of discipline both at home and school where the teachers are now too scared to chastise a child through fear of either reprisals from the family or threats of legal action.

    These types of parents need to be given guidance on how to bring up their children to show respect for other peoples property, unfortunately as they don’t even respect themselves there is no hope they will respect others.

  4. Well with all the cuts from the conservatives to libraries and swimming pools earlier in the year will there be any think left for our children in Thurrock. We need more things for our children not to lose parks and libraries and swimming pools since times will be hard because of the economic crisis we face tough times and these amenities cost us parents nothing and we have good quality family bonding time. Which prevents children from getting asbos and save the community money in the long run we need to stand up for our children’s rights you have to give children privileges so they can appreciate things and look after them and value them more

  5. Albert,

    From where I sit, you may be in the minority, if only all parents thought like you, family bonding time indeed, unless the children are under 7 and with their parents, is the only time the idiots don’t rule the asylum.

    I agree we do need to more for our kids, but hey ho, if only they respected the things we try to do for them, I don’t see any respect or appreciation from the groups of kids who congregate on street corners or play parks. They fear no one.


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