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Police warning over Bonfire Night

Essex Police wants everyone to have a fun Bonfire Night but will take action against anyone who breaks the law.

Fireworks are dangerous explosives and officers have vowed to take a tough stance against shopkeepers who sell them to under 18s and anyone who uses or possesses them illegally.

Those who ignore the law could find themselves facing a fine of up to £5000 and/or a prison sentence of up to three months.

Police officers can stop and search anyone they suspect may have prohibited fireworks and issue fines or fixed penalty notices to people who throw fireworks in the street.

Fireworks and the law

It is illegal to:

Sell fireworks without a licence

Sell adult fireworks to underage people – that means any firework other than caps, cracker snaps and indoor fireworks

Possess adult fireworks in any public place if you are under 18

Set off or throw fireworks in the street

Launch fireworks anytime between 11pm and 7am except during certain celebrations and at national and local authority displays. On Bonfire Night itself, November 5, fireworks can be set off until midnight.

Inspector Chris Barker said: “Bonfire Night is a great evening but I would like to make sure people understand the dangers of fireworks. I would encourage people to go to organised displays but if you do decide to hold your own display, please follow the firework code.

“We’ll be working with retailers to ensure they don’t sell fireworks to children and will deal very positively with underage possession.

“Have a great evening and stay safe.”

Bonfire Night is no excuse for crime and anti-social behaviour. Please dial 999 in an emergency or call 0300 333 444 in a non-emergency.

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  1. It is the only time of the year that adults can legally posses incendiary devices and explosives, without seemin a killjoy is it not time to regulate the sale of these to organised groups only and have them licenced, this would then negate the possibility of them falling into the wrong hands.

    It is also strange that we celebrate a failed attack on parliament, maybe if Guido Fawkes had been successful then we really would have something to celebrate 🙂

  2. Oh and as an aside, since when did they move the date of bonfire night? there have been fireworks going off for over a week now……


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