Firefighters attacked by fireworks in Tilbury

Mindless hooligans triggered two incidents in the same road within minutes of each other and then attacked firefighters in an appliance.

The arsonists put a lighted firework through the letterbox of a house in Adelaide Road in Tilbury at 7.30 lat night (Saturday). Twenty minutes later they struck again nine doors away in an identical attack.

Firefighters reported that they attended both properties but that the fires were both out on arrival and they carried out an inspection only.

While two firefighters were inspecting the second property, two of their colleagues remained in the appliance which was pelted with fireworks. The firefighters were unhurt and there was no damage to the appliance but it was reported as a near miss.

After the incident, a fire service spokesman said police would be investigating all three incidents. “Fortunately in this case, no-one was injured but this was a series of entirely senseless attacks on homes and crews sent out to protect the community.

“Playing with fireworks is a dangerous and stupid thing to do and nine times out of ten involves some kind of injury.”

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