Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Tunde gets Tough

Cllr Tunde Ojetola has been busy.

After lots of concerns about parking and untaxed vehicles in Hatfield Road Chafford Hundred he instigated
the Parking Officer from the Council tto visit the site on 3 November 2010 along with a Community Protection Officer.

They found three out of date tax vehicles parked on their drive and also one parked on the road. They have telephoned NCP to go and clamp the one that is on the road and they will also check if the vehicles on the drive have ‘SORN’s and if not then they will also be clamped and lifted.

The 2 other vehicles on the road are still in date with their tax so nothing can be done about them, but the CPO’s in charge of Chafford area are going to keep an eye on this address, if they keep bringing back new cars they will check their tax details and if out of date will get them lifted immediately.

I hope this is a start to resolving this issue, although I am also aware that the person is searching for an appropriate site to move to.


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