No Shape to Govern

Thurrock and Basildon UKIP spokesperson Tim Aker has slammed the breaking news regarding three Tory Councillors and claims that they are “no shape to govern”

“Whilst we wait for the outcome of the Council’s investigation into Tory Councillors Hardiman, Halden and Nicklen, it must be said that they have let their constituents down.

That the Mayor has already had to apologise for their behaviour when they were officially representing the borough shows how serious this is.

After Cllr Rockliffe’s insensitive ‘Chaffirca’ gaffe, this latest escapade shows the Thurrock Tories are out of control and in no shape to govern the borough. We’re just pleased that next year the voters will have the chance to wipe the slate clean and change the way business is done in Thurrock Council.”

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