Sunday, April 2, 2023

Deputy Mayor Resigns

The Deputy Mayor Eddie Hardiman has today resigned from his post .

Speaking to yourthurrock Mr Hardiman said that he decided to resign last Thursday and knew in his heart that the official remembrance service at Lakeside would be his last.

The resignation comes after an incident at Canvey fireworks evening where the deputy and two other conservative councillors were accused of stealing wine and were later barred from the Catcracker pub in Stanford for drinking the wine .

Mr Hardiman has been under enormous pressure this week and along with councillor Danny Nicklen was suspended . He said to our reporter that” the incident had been blown out of proportion and and the lies he was hearing about the incident were unbelievable”. He added ” I did not take or see wine being taken but I was the senior member there and it happened on my watch so I must take the consequences”

Mr Hardiman intends to stay as a councillor until at least the next local elections.

Cllr Halden has apologised at every opportunity for his behaviour but as to date we have heard nothing from Councillor Nicklen.

yourthurrock will be bringing you the latest reaction from the other parties in the borough


  1. This is the only conclusion to the whole sorry affair, what is needed now is for the other two to resign their positions.

    If you are in public office you need to act with a bit of decorum and not like some drunken idiot who throws their power around, maybe they should all be given ASBOS


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