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“Situation had become untenable”

The leader of the Council John Kent, in an exclusive interview with yourthurrock, says he is “relieved but regretful that the Deputy Mayor Eddie Hardiman has resigned”

Mr Kent went on to say that he would like to thank Mr Hardiman for all his hard work as deputy for the last 18 months or so but believed his situation had become untenable.

I fully appreciate that he has given a full honest apology . The question now is that the other two councillors involved in the “winegate ” scandal must seriously consider their position and examine their conscience over their part in the event


  1. One down, two to go, if they had any morals they would also step down from office, looks like Mr Kents inner sanctum is crumbling around his head.

  2. Dear Mr Kent,

    Please explain to me and all the other hard working rate paying members of the public of Thurrock why you consider that an apology from Eddie Hardiman is acceptable when he and two other Councillors effectively stole bottles of wine from the people and rate paying members of the general public at Canvey Island? Would this stand for any other young person or indeed any other person in Thurrock and stand up in court as a defence to what is effectively theft? In addition blatant abuse of their position as councillors. You have the audacity to praise Mr Hardiman for his hard work. A good leader Mr Kent needs to show just that strong and decisive leadership in calling for the immediate resignation of these three councillors without any further delay. That is why your council is in the state that it is a laughing stock. Put your house in order and if you have not the will to do so step down and let someone else lead Thurrock Council who can. Mr Kent believe me that is what people are thinkling even if they do not have the guts to tell you to your face. The writing is now on the wall John. Act now before it is too late.

  3. This matter must be sent to the Thurrock Council Standards Committee and dealt with there. The meeting in January needs to brought forward immediately. Councillors will put their case and they will be judged by their peers under the Council Constitution. The outcome should then be made known. Councillor Kent cannot do anything to the three Councillors except recommend the Standards Committee meets.
    There is a lot of hearsay in this case and it needs to be clarified as soon as possible. We are entering the Season of Alcohol and if this issue is not dealt with swiftly and openly/fairly it bodes ill for the ongoing all party crack down on Anti Social Behaviour in the Borough. Constitution, Chapter 7, Part 3 – Members’ Code of Conduct

  4. I think counsellor Kent will be very careful about trying to make too much capital out of this. It’s not that long ago that he acted outrageously at a major civic event himself, which nearly ended up in a fight occurring. On that occasion, former Mayor maureen pearce acted with genuine grace.
    All three councillors involved in this sorry affair should be made to stand before full council and make humble apologies. Thereafter I think a line should be drawn under this.
    At the end of the day, when you compare this to some of the dreadful things that MPs did and got away with, there is no comparison.

  5. Come on John… say it as it is and take the lead you have been given…by the Tories. There should be heads falling. Thurrock is badly in need of some integrity.

  6. I agree with you Thurrock for all. These councillors must go before the standards committee and the meeting needs to be convened as a matter of priority.

    It is clear that the Thurrock Conservatives will close their eyes, cross their fingers and hope that it will all go away. Well it cannot. This did not happen on a night out with the lads, they were at this event on Civic duties. What they did was steel, bully a land lady and acted totally inappropriatly.

    Sometimes sorry is not good enough and this is one of those times. Cllr Rockcliffe will have an axe to grind if they do not lose their seats in the chamber and rightly so.

    This is not an issue for the Leader of the councillor, he has no overall say in it. It is however a matter for Garry Vague and Mike Revell. They need to do the right thing and get rid……..


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