Jackie Doyle Price questions Prime Minister

IT is difficult to gauge whether other new MPs are as active on the floor of the House of Commons but it was no surprise that immediately after lively exchanges between David Cameron and Ed Miliband, Jackie Doyle Price fired a question at the PM.

Jackie said: “May I ask my right hon. Friend whether, during the international negotiations regarding the economic situation in Ireland, at any point anyone suggested that countries with large deficits should slow down the rate at which they are reducing them?

David Cameron replied: “My hon. Friend asks a very good question. In the G20, the G8 and European Councils, there is absolutely nobody who thinks that if they have a big budget deficit they should do nothing about it. The only people who seem to be taking that view are the Opposition, who now have a new approach. They are having a policy review, and the Leader of the Opposition says:

“In terms of policy…we start with a blank page.”

That would be a great help at the G20.

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