Kris Akabusi stars at William Edwards

Olympic Super Stars Support SuperSchools

By Lucy Chipperfield

Students from William Edwards secondary school had some extra special visitors in the form of olympic champions, Kris Akabusi and Jamie Baulch.

As part of their ‘SuperSchools Project’, Kris and Jamie spent the day inspiring the students to ‘be the best that they can be’.

It was clear from the energy in the room that the students all thoroughly enjoyed the event and found these Olympic Champions truly captivating.

Special thanks has to go to Ralph Henderson, Deputy Headteacher of William Edwards who created this amazing event for the students to enjoy. No doubt the ‘SuperSchools Project’ is a brilliant way to engage students (as well as adults) and provide them with the confidence to chase their dreams and fulfill their ambitions.

In the words of the legendary Kris Akabusi, we all have to ‘take a risk, and make it happen’.

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