Sunday, April 2, 2023

Carers celebrate as carers centre remains open

ADULT SOCIAL care service users and clients were celebrating last night after the ruling Labour group made a number of significant changes to their proposed package of cuts.

Hundreds of adult social care service users and clients packed the council chamber gallery to plead their cases on number of issues.

The gallery were delighted to hear that the Thurrock carers centre in Cromwell Road will remain open although it will be outsourced to an independent organisation in either the voluntary or private sector.

Spokesperson for the Thurrock Coalition, Douglas Iles made an impassioned but measured speech focussing on a number of the proposals put forward by the Labour cabinet.

He said: “We welcome the opportunity to see what the Council is going to do about driving down the cost of the services they buy with our money, especially if they plan to sell them back to us at full cost.”


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