Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Councillors support new “homeless” flats above Conservative club in Grays

MEMBERS of Thurrock Council’s planning committee gave their full support for the building of 24 new bedsits above the former Conservative club in Clarence Road, Grays.

A representative from the developers (PBM Development) spoke about the reasons for the development.

He said: “In the light of the changes in housing benefit charges, there will be an increased need for housing provision such as this.

“We have been in discussions with the homeless provision service at Thurrock Council for some time and they agreed that there was a need.”

Co-opted member John Vesey believed it could be of use to Palmer’s College.

He said: “There are students at Palmer’s who, through family fall-outs, find themselves homeless. This could be of great benefit to them.”


  1. Seems rather apt the Conservative Club should “help” the homeless after the Conservative Govt have tinkered with the Housing Benefit scheme which may see thousands of Londoners have to leave London and move into the Suburbs. More stress for Thurrock accomodation with no support from central Govt.

  2. This story is rather misleading. The Grays & District Conservative Club is still going strong. The flats will in no way hinder the club whatsoever. It is a shame the picture was taken before the club’s opening hours, when the shutters were down, that adds to the story about the “former” conservative club! We are still a thriving club and open to new members. Please find out all the facts first and don’t just speak to one side of the project, we as a club were involved in this as well.


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