“Miracle no-one was killed” claims witness at 30 car pile-up on A13

A MOTORIST who witnessed the thirty-car pile-up on the A13 yesterday (Saturday) has told YourThurrock that it was a miracle that no-one was killed.

Firefighters dealt with a multi vehicle RTC which stretches over roughly a mile of the westbound carriageway of the A13 near Corringham.

The officer in charge reported that it was a multi-incident collision meaning that there are a number of different RTC on that stretch of road. Crews divided the road into sectors and were prioritising rescues.

The driver, who did not wish to be named has laid the blame directly at the door of speeding motorists who, according to the driver, hurtled head long into the crash-scene.

He said: “I was in the parking bay on the other side of the carriageway (eastbound) when the first car, a Ford Focus lost control.

“I ran to the on coming traffic for 200 metres plus waving them down. They were moving far too fast and ignoring my pleas.

“In my opinion, 15 miles per hour is enough for this weather.

“Then car after car crashed off the road. I managed to slow the artic lorry but then I ran past it trying to slow more traffic. Then one car changed lanes, into the fast lane. He hit a silver car befor crashing into the rear of the lorry.

It was bad. I have never been in an incident like it. Thank god the lorry stopped otherwise it would have been much worse.

“Motorists must slow down, even if it takes all day. 25 mph with three inches of snow on the road is just too fast. Stopping distance trebles.

“Even if one person reads this and heeds this, then it will be worth it.”

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