Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Sharon’s blog: An uncertain Christmas

Walking around Thurrock this week I was sad to see so many people throwing what little money they have into retail, worrying about how they will pay the next bill and unsure of how they will cope if they are affected by this governments cuts.

Many people I speak to have or will be affected by the cuts in some way. What makes me mad is the fact that the council are cutting many services yet we still have to pay the same or more taxes for services we now don’t get. The country has truly gone to the dogs: EMA payments stopped, people who truly need disability benifits now refused, rents, taxes and uni fees going up, job losses, no more homes built by council so no homes for our youngsters.

Positive discrimination everywhere we go and if we, as subjects of this country dare to argue we are given a label of racist or a discriminator when really we want a fair system for all.

I fear for our benefit system as when we add all the people who are losing their jobs, all the youngsters leaving school, college and uni, how much can the taxpayer give.

I feel we are working to support others, and yet it becomes increasingly difficult to support ourselves on the little wages we have at our disposal after all we have to pay out. Now all other services such as gas and electric will be increased, why????? so when you are out spending money you dont have getting into debt you may not have the money to pay back.

Remember, Xmas is one day, but the effect will last you all year and is the stress worth it? I suggest we all go back to the simple life, helping children make presents, visiting people at home who are lonely, make up hampers of food and fruit to give as gifts and be thankful for the love and support of our families, most of all try to be happy this Xmas.

Pray the doom and gloom leaves us soon, say a prayer for all our soldiers on the front line, children who are being abused over Xmas and those who cannot escape the misery they are trapped in, in domestic violence.

Remember Xmas is only one day, do all you can to alleviate others pain this xmas and may you all have a peaceful and better new year!


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