Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Aussies love Ockendon calendar girls!

EARLIER this month we interviewed proprietor of Body and Soul salon, Andrea Hunt about the “Calendar Girls” photo shoot that the staff and customers had just undertaken.

YourThurrock is proud of the fact that we have been seen in 126 countries since 2008. Yesterday we received an e-mail from Brian Price in East Gifford in New South Wales, Australia. Brian is the proprietor of the hair salon in the town but he originally hails from South Ockendon.

Brian said: “I found your story about a week after you posted it, and contacted the girls to buy a calendar.

I own a Hairdressers here in Australia and it’s sparked quite a bit of interest to say the least.

I think I’ve blown the girls away by someone in Australia so far away wanting to buy the Calendar.

It just goes to show, what a small world we live in and how powerful this media can be, look what it did for Susan Boyle!

The sale has stunned Andrea. She said: “I was so surprised to hear from Brian. He used to run a salon here in South Ockendon before he emigrated.

“We have now made over £400 which is great. Some people have gone straight to our justgiving site and donated as well.

“We are very grateful and would like to wish everyone a merry christmas!”


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