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Year in review: April

THE MONTH was dominated by the General Election. We were determined to give the election as much coverage as possible. We wanted to ensure that when people in the future reflect on the 2010 election, they would look at our newspaper as a natural resource/archive.

Jimbo launched his election campaign on April 1st. Two days later we were interviewing Ed and David Miliband as the 2010 General Election campaign kicked off in earnest. We thought David was the natural successor to Gordon Brown. Then again, we thought Carl Morris would win by 1300…….

Throughout the campaign we were impressed by the tenacity and integrity of the Lib-Dem candidate, Carys Davis. A star for the future, although you feel her party has a hurricane a coming at the ballot box next time.

Jackie Doyle Price’s campaign had a low key start whilst Carl Morris brought in the big guns. On reflection, one wondered whether there were too many “Old Labour” sweats using outmoded campaign strategies. Jackie was hampered by not enough of the Conservative councillors working hard enough for her however as the campaign moved on and the more you listened to Jackie you appreciated what a perceptive, considered politician Jackie was. You also wondered if Labour peaked too early?

Angela Smith’s campaign had a “Going down fighting” feel while Steven Metcalfe had a quiet confident feel.

Labour brought out John Healey, Hilary Benn amongst others while the Conservatives slowly gathered steam with Chris Grayling, Andrew Mitchell, Dominic Grieve, Theresa Villiers, Nick Herbert Baroness Warsi and Eric Pickles. But it was the appearance of David Cameron on the front lawn at Palmer’s College in front of the world’s media that gave tremendous bounce to Jackie and Stephen’s campaign as well as un-nerving Labour’s hopes.

In the local elections, fresh candidates such as Phil Anderson, James Halden, Shane Hebb and Charlie Key made an impression for the Conservatives while for Labour, Angie Gaywood, Richard Speight also appeared impressive.

For us, one of the most impressive candidates was UKIP’s Tim Aker who was able to articulate the needs of Thurrock and the country very ably indeed.

Meanwhile, the news didn’t stop for the General Election.

Basildon hospital was slammed by the government watchdog, the Care Quality Commission.

Star hurdler and Hassenbrook student, Hayley MacLean won the national championships whilst relegated Grays Athletic played their last game at Bridge Road. Aveley had an amazing run to grab a play off place in the Ryman Premier but just failed.


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