Year in review: July

FETE season began and once more illustrated how active the community is over the summer in Thurrock. Another example of participation are events such as the Thurrock schools track and field champs, where, contrary to popular perception, the young people compete in their droves. What helps the schools tremendously is the number of top athletes who come into the borough to hand on advice.

The recession continued to take a grip on the borough with Thurrock ranked third highest in the borough for bankruptcy. We also found out that the borough was near the top of the league for outstanding child maintenance.

We met the inspirational Sharon McGovern whose book “Afraid” a journey back from abuse was frightening and fascinating.

Gable Hall continued to “push the envelope” when it came to the arts as they put on a searing performance of Rent.

There was a great street party on Scratton Road in Stanford.

The last two weeks in July are always a busy time at the schools and once again our eight senior clients put on a raft of fantastic performances and showcases.

The headline ran: “Tilbury man shoots Norwegian” The year was 1941 and was just one of many stories that hailed from the Blitz.

It was revealed that Essex Police had spent £80,000 on a new website.

….and then there was T-Fest. We love T-Fest and think it is one of the best things Thurrock has done over the last few years. It was great to see Stacey Solomon. (Not great to see her manager getting in everybodys way).

It was also great to see our new MP, Jackie Doyle Price enter into a deep political conversation with…….DJ Talent! Stavros Flatley were outstanding and in conversation echoed what many of the “talent” show contestants said: They were under no illusions and were just trying to make a buck while the going was good.

We filmed another Britain’s Got Talent act Aidan Davies. Subsequently, that film has had 14,000 views on youtube!

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