Saturday, September 30, 2023

Year in review: September

DANCE Crusade was one of the more interesting events of the summer but it didn’t seem to impress Essex Police who objected to the organiser’s application to host another one next year. The matter hasn’t been resolved and so we will keep our eyes open on this one.

We came across Films of Colour filming their video around the borough. We became firm fans and are following their careers with great interest. But we also had time for JLS at Lakeside. We also showcased the talents of Darren Merrion who clearly has huge potential as a multi-instrumentalist

We welcomed Joyce Chipperfield to our blogger nation. The Orsett Show was once again a great success.

The Global X-change student made a great impression whilst here.

Thurrock police raided several pubs in the borough looking for drugs. The police had more luck down in the port of Tilbury where a big shipment was uncovered.

The controversy of the Titan lorry park continued as it started to appear to be a war of words between the council and the development corporation. The DC were now on borrowed time as they appeared to be part of David Cameron’s “Bonfire of the Quango’s”. By the end of the month, Titan Works were given a 28-day enforcement notice.

Gateway FM opened in Basildon and East Thurrock but were immediately dismayed that Thurrock Council had given Safe Radio £70,000 to launch in the borough.

Thurrock Rugby Club started their new season as a promoted side while Thurrock FC parted company with boss Hakan.

Chief executive Graham Farrant started walking the wards as part of his fact-finding tours and started to impress with his “Make it so” attitude.

In the council chamber, the Tories were winning little victories as they exposed the inexperience of the Labour portfolio holders however as the year marched on, the Labour ingenues learned quickly. Then again, the Audit Commission did their work for them as their report highlighted how close the council came to “bankruptcy” during their tenure.

Oh and then there was the case of the South Ockendon Community Forum which descended into some form of internecine conflict as a meeting had to be stopped as veteran campaigner Peter Perrin was manhandled during a meeting.


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