Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Thurrock UKIP 2011: Buoyed by Daily Express “backing”

IT shows how UKIP have matured as a party that the main arguments postulated in this interview by Tim Aker are to do with law and order and education. It is only then that we discuss europe.

This will be an interesting year for UKIP at the ballot box and especially in Thurrock. Clive Broad gained 20% of the vote in the Stifford Clays ward and Tim, himself made a great impression in Aveley. They don’t need a landslide, just a gentle nudge to obtain their first UKIP councillor in the borough.

The Daily Express have eld with front page after front page on Europe. For Tim and his members, this has been a tremendous boost, validating their policies.

YourThurrock spoke to Tim to see how he was looking forward to the battles, both local and national in 2011.


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