Police tell accused at Darnley Road murder trial: “You are lying”.

YOU ARE LYING” was the accusation levelled by Essex Police at the Purfleet teenager standing trial for murder.

The accusation came on the sixth day of the trial as the jury at Chelmsford Crown Court heard details of the five days of interviews conducted between the police and Priscilla Scamp.

Scamp, 18, Centurion Way, Purfleet stands accused of murdering Daniel “Dave” Thomas at 38a Darnley Road, Grays at or near to April 13th last year.

The third day of interviews began by Scamp admitting that she when she returned to Purfleet on Tuesday April 13th, having discovered Mr Thomas’ body in his flat, she burned the clothes that she had worn and threw the remains in the river.

The court heard that after Scamp was arrested in Kent, she was permitted a phone call.

Police monitored the call and heard Scamp asking the person she rang to dispose of shoes and letters.

Scamp said: “I asked her to get me new trainers and so throw away the old ones. The custody sergeant must have got mixed up”.

Det.Sgt Morgan told Scamp: “You realise what this looks like to us.

The letters referred to were intercepted by the police, Prosecuting counsel read out the contents in court.

One letter read: “To all my brothers….be good and don’t be like me and kill someone. Get jobs so that you can be good men.”

Scamp told the police: I was asking my brothers to not be angry with my ex-boyfriend for assaulting me.

“Both letters looked like I have killed someone but it is my grammar, I am dyslexic.

“I have told you over and over and over again. I can’t keep telling the same story.

DS Morgan put it to Scamp: “You’re lying.”

Scamp replied: “I swear on the Holy Bible, on my mum’s life. I’m not.”

Scamp denies the charges.

The case continues.

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