Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Darnley Road murder trial: Priscilla Scamp found guilty and gets life

PURFLEET TEENAGE prostitute, Priscilla Scamp was found guilty of the murder of 59-year-old Daniel Thomas at his flat at 38a Darnley Road, Grays in April last year.

The jury of seven men and five women, sitting at Chelmsford Crown Court took just 90 minutes to find Scamp guilty of the murder.

Judge Gratwicke informed a visibly shocked Scamp, 19, that she would be sentenced to life imprisonment but the actual length would be determined by pre-sentence reports.

The minimum sentence is fifteen years.

Scamp had cut the throat of Mr Thomas ten times and then stabbed him about the body twenty two times with such severe force that the knife broke off.

Scamp’s evidence was described in court as lie after lie after lie as she changed the version of events several times.

Scamp also attempted to pin the murder on another man, Kieran Woods, who was found to have nothing to do with the murder.

Sentencing is expected to take place on Friday or Monday.

Senior Investigating Officer, Det Chief Insp Dave Peplow, said: “Daniel Thomas was a vulnerable man who befriended a number of young people, relying on them for company and friendship in return for a place to stay or hang out.

“Priscilla Scamp took advantage of him, using his loneliness to her own advantage while lodging with him. We may never know exactly what happened on the day he died. She admits that she fought with him and he died after his throat was cut and he was stabbed a number of times.

“His body lay undiscovered for some time and Scamp has never showed any remorse.

“This has been a long and complex enquiry and we are satisfied that Priscilla Scamp will now serve a long prison sentence to reflect on her actions in taking the life of Daniel Thomas.”

For full details of the two week trial, go to the Crime section of YourThurrock.


  1. I met her in prison. She didn’t strike me as the sort of person who would do such a thing. I hear he tried to rape her and that’s why she did it. I guess we’ll never know the truth.

  2. I was close to Priscilla and her family as a teenager, I don’t believe she would do this without good reason. FREE HER!

  3. I met her in Holloway and as far as inmates go she seemed quite nice. As a 18yr old YO she took me under her wing. Just goes to show we never really know……


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