Thursday, September 21, 2023

Quince Tree play area restored

Quince Tree play area in South Ockendon has been refurbished after residents complained to local councillors that the site had been vandalised. 

New fencing, bins and new sign have now been installed, and play equipment has been repaired. 

Cllr Arnold said “Over the summer, we carried out walkabouts every couple of weeks on the Flowers Estate, as there was an issue with anti social behaviour and fly tipping.  This is the only play area for this estate, but it seemed every time I went to the park something else was broken, there were no liners in the bins, so there was rubbish everywhere, and the area was getting more and more overgrown. 

After reporting these issues several times, I invited the Head of Housing and the Chief Executive down to see for themselves how the site was deteriorating and within a matter of weeks they had agreed to fund the improvements. 

This is a lovely little park and its fantastic to see it brought back to life for the enjoyment of the community.”


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