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Veteran campaigner Peter Perrin asks for a word in your ear
“Once again the Labour Councillors have “shot themselves in the foot” they could not even unite in a vote against the Conservative motion with some choosing to abstain. The Conservatives were proposing that the Secretary-of-State should be asked to intervene to ensure that the Management of Basildon Hospital take urgent appropriate action to address the issues of leadership and care raised by the official inspectors and clearly demonstrate the hospital is a safe place and that the public can have complete confidence in trusting themselves to its care.
This was not a motion criticising doctors or nurses, it was about bad management and lack of leadership and holding to account those, well paid, officials whose responsibility it is to ensure that Basildon Hospital is a safe environment for patients, staff and the general public.
Sometimes there are issues which transcend party politics and the concerns felt by the public regarding Basildon Hospital is, in my opinion, in that category and the Labour councillors should have given the Conservative motion their full and unqualified support.
As for Cllr Hale’s hysterical comment “I think you [the Tories] run the risk of damning this hospital and we will be in danger of losing it. I just worry that you are not even listening, you are so sure at each of the meetings you go to that they [the hospital] are lying you don’t have a balanced view.” Is she seriously saying it is better to have a hospital that is a threat to the health and safety of its patients, fails to meet the standards of hygiene and care required of it than to have no hospital at all?
As a governor of the Hospital, rather than scare-mongering, it would be better if she took account of the concerns of the public and protect their interests rather than rushing to the defence of those responsible for the current adverse reputation of Basildon Hospital.”

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