Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Thurrock schools rugby tournament

IN WINDY conditions, there was some fine rugby on display at a four team tournament at Gateway Academy. As you can see from the results, William Edwards remain a considerable presence in the borough but Gateway Academy are the new kids in town and under the stewardship of teacher Ryan Jones, we

Yr11: Gateway 1st, St Cleres 2nd William Edwards 3rd

Yr10: William Edwards 1st, Gateway 2nd , Gable Hall 3rd

Yr9: Gateway 1st, William Edwards 2nd, Gable Hall 3rd , St Cleres 4th

Yr8: William Edwards 1st, St Cleres 2nd , Gateway 3rd, Gable Hall 4th

Yr7: William Edwards 1st, Gable Hall 2nd, St Cleres 3rd, Gateway 4th


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