Saturday, June 22, 2024

100 in 100 Apprenticeship Campaign

The Echo and South Essex College are laying down a community challenge to all local employers: sign up an apprentice in 2011!

They are aiming to recruit 100 apprentices in 100 days starting from today, the first day of Apprenticeship Week (7th Feb – 11th Feb).

The challenge?

Youth unemployment combined with supply vastly outstripping demand, means that south Essex is full of young people who want a chance of an apprenticeship, but currently not enough employers are signing up for an apprentice. We think that employers don’t fully understand what an apprentice can do for their business.

Benefit to employers?

They get a new, motivated employee who is trained to meet the needs of their business. And if they aged between 16 and 18 – their apprenticeship training is free!

Apprenticeships have changed. As well as the many traditional apprenticeships, there are dozens of new and specialised courses out there for your business. What’s more, there is a much more diverse range of apprentices with new skills and interests and fresh ideas to help shape your business in the future.

How they will measure?

They are asking employers to ‘Like’ the Facebook Campaign page, post what company they’re from and ideally what apprentice they want.

They can also call us on 0845 52 12345 to discuss apprenticeship opportunities.

YT interviewed Stephen Monument from the college about the importance of apprenticeships.


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