Thursday, September 21, 2023

Thurrock GP: “South West Essex PCT Why do we need them?”

DR EMIL Shehadeh is a consderable presence in health care in Thurrock. If there is anyone who will have their finger on the pulse in relation to health issues in Thurrock then it is he. He has practices in both Grays and Tilbury. He is clearly a doctor who wants to see health care progress in Thurrock.

It is with that in mind that he wishes to see the growing influence of GP consortia in Thurrock.

If you want an opinion on the PCT, go to Dr Shehadeh. If you want a second opinion, go to him as well.

He is all for “practice-based” commissioning. He believes the PCT is being obstructive. Why? “Because the logical conclusion is that you don’t need a PCT.”

YT interviewed Dr Shehadeh to gauge the future of GP consortia and whether he feels the South West Essex PCT has a viable future?


  1. how come when we are hearing all the time that doctors are overworked and have little time to spend with their patients when you can eventually get an appointment can they now find the time to do the work of the pct?
    i agree the pct needs overhauling however i fear the extra burden of responsibility the new system will place on gp’s ect will be too much and patients will suffer .


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