Saturday, September 30, 2023

Stephen Metcalfe MP helps bring change to make royal wedding street parties easier

Stephen Metcalfe, MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock has successfully helped cut red tape and bring about a national change to help make holding street parties ahead of the Royal Wedding easier.

Stephen recently asked the Prime Minister during Prime Ministers Question Time “Please may I ask the Prime Minister to encourage local councils to look favourably and flexibly on community groups that wish to have roads closed to hold street parties to celebrate the forthcoming royal wedding?” to which the Prime responded “I will certainly do that. I know that, outside some of the large trade unions that fund the Opposition, everyone wants to have a real celebration for the Olympics, the diamond jubilee and the royal wedding, and I think we should certainly make it easier for people to close streets and have street parties.”

Following the Question, Stephen was contacted by Streets Alive, an organisation which has been campaigning for three years to bring about changes, making street parties easier to hold. Streets Alive informed Stephen that the biggest problem was caused by red tape from the Department of Transport.

Stephen contacted several Ministers concerning this issue and was subsequently informed on 7th February that the campaign has been successful as Whitehall red tape is being cut in order to make it easier for local communities to hold street parties to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

Stephen said “This is the Big Society in action as local communities will find it easier to hold street parties, not only for the Royal Wedding, but for any occasion that they deem worthy. Local Councils now have little excuse for preventing such occasions. In this 24hr world, with internet, mobile phones and I-Pads, people can stay friends with people in Australia but barely know their neighbours. This provides the opportunity to revive that community spirit that was so common in the min-twentieth century, not through Government interference, but by community empowerment.”

“I do hope to see people celebrating the Royal Wedding in South Basildon and East Thurrock; it will be a day of national pride. We have a proud history and the Royal Wedding is a traditional day for the nation to unite and celebrate all things British.”


  1. WooHoo less red tape to have a street party, can someone now please tell me where the money is coming from for the organization and supplies coming from? we have higher costs all around and the country is in major debt.

    I have an idea, maybe these overpaid Bankers who are still recieving the gross bonuses can plough that back into the community

  2. Lambo i can remeber the silver jubillee in 1977 where all our street got together and all us children wore fancy dress and it was a great time .
    Fast forward to the 1990’s to the present day how many of us actually know our neighbours ect?
    Times have moved on and most of the time instead of “shirley and fred up the road” now it’s ” that couple from number 22″ now which is a real shame .somewhere over the last 3 decades we seem to have lost the comunity spirit and people taking ownership of their part of the town ect .
    I’m no big royal fan but i would love this event to be the excuse were people do arrange parties in their neighbourhood if only for the interaction with teir neighbours and getting to know them better than just a quick hello as they pass each other in the street ect and build relationships with them and some sort of comunity spirit returns.
    It’s amazing what an unlike in the “old days” now it will be left to comunity groups and resident associations ect to organise these types of events instead of the people in the street partly due to what i said earlier in this thread and partly cos we have such busy lives now and these things take time to arrange.
    And i agree with you with i wonder where the money would come from to support these organisations who wish to put on an event .


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