Councillor suspended by Labour Party over “racial propaganda” e-mail


A BELHUS councillor at the centre of a police probe over circulating an e-mail which contained “racist propaganda” has  been suspended by the Labour Party.

A spokesperson for the Labour Party said: “We can confirm that Thurrock councillor Sue Gray has been suspended.

“There will be a formal investigation into the circumstances.”

The suspension follows Fridays revelation that a police probe is set to take place after councillor Gray passed on an e-mail to residents called ‘Police Instructions-Bedfordshire Police-This is unbelievable” which purports to be a protocol guide for dealing with terrorism suspects who may be Muslims.

The e-mail finished with the message:

“It’s now predicted that Britain will become an Islamic state by 2070. (Time to think about your children/grandchildren.)
“Please forward this e-mail asap so that 40% of British voters who didn’t vote last time might get the message.”

A resident passed it on the a police officer who has now undertaken an investigation to establish whether the crime of inciting racial hatred has taken place.

In her statement to YT, cllr Gray apologised but stressed that she did not read the e-mail.

Sources now believe that cllr Gray will step down in May creating a by-election in the Belhus seat.

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