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Councillor suspended by Labour Party over “racial propaganda” e-mail


A BELHUS councillor at the centre of a police probe over circulating an e-mail which contained “racist propaganda” has  been suspended by the Labour Party.

A spokesperson for the Labour Party said: “We can confirm that Thurrock councillor Sue Gray has been suspended.

“There will be a formal investigation into the circumstances.”

The suspension follows Fridays revelation that a police probe is set to take place after councillor Gray passed on an e-mail to residents called ‘Police Instructions-Bedfordshire Police-This is unbelievable” which purports to be a protocol guide for dealing with terrorism suspects who may be Muslims.

The e-mail finished with the message:

“It’s now predicted that Britain will become an Islamic state by 2070. (Time to think about your children/grandchildren.)
“Please forward this e-mail asap so that 40% of British voters who didn’t vote last time might get the message.”

A resident passed it on the a police officer who has now undertaken an investigation to establish whether the crime of inciting racial hatred has taken place.

In her statement to YT, cllr Gray apologised but stressed that she did not read the e-mail.

Sources now believe that cllr Gray will step down in May creating a by-election in the Belhus seat.


  1. The police have quite rightly started an investigation into this matter due to te content contained in the text of the email.
    i hope the investigation will be through and have a clear conclusion whichever way it goes and puts an end to the whole issue of this email .

  2. Oh dear oh dear!!, does this mean that she will also take the right course of action, and resign as chairperson of the South Ockendon Residents Association forthwith, and also apoligise to all the residents of Belhus ward, for not supporting them, with there on going problems in there ward, I dont want to gloat about this, but I did say what goes round comes around, I would like to thank the Leader of the Labour Group, for his decision to do the right thing, can he now look into all the wrongs that have been forced apon the residents in the Belhus Ward, by all the councillors not careing or wanting to support the very people they were elected to help, because as Sue Gray said in her E-Mail 40% cent of people didnt vote for the Labour party, I WONDER WHY??.

  3. As a Belhus resident I am pleased to hear that Councillor Sue Gray has now been forced into suspension and hope the police will deal with this in the manner it deserves. Why she was not prepared to step down on her own accord with regards to her actions seems to show the type of Belhus Councillors the residents have had to endure.
    We now have to ask the question does this woman deserve the position as chair of SORA (south ockendon residents association) I feel in all honesty her position as chair will cause her much embarrassment for what she has done. She will also need to answer the questions of concerned ethnic residents. To try and tell the residents you did not read this private email before forwarding it on to your friend Chris savill (Also part of the sora team) will not suffice and can only cause possible conflicts for the future.

    To answer mgriffths91 and also didi96 with regards to their misunderstanding of events at the closed meeting at SORA, I and my husband were present as Mr Perrins observers and we found the meeting arranged by Sue Gray and Cllr Wendy Curtis very hostile from the start. The meeting was opened by sue gray shouting and waving an email at Mr Perrin stating that her relative in Australia had sent her this email, which she read on Your Thurrock. She went on to accuse Mr Perrin of writing this email, which he denied, this then opened the floor for all six on the SORA committee to shout abuse at Mr Perrin which led to the attack. Due to this attack and the hostile intent from the SORA group toward Mr Perrin had to be stopped and I for one insisted on this.
    The reason my husband snakebiteuk has mentioned this is not through sour grapes, I am of Anglo Indian blood, to witness as I was leaving being shouted at in my face, claiming I had no right to be there? And a few other choice words he will be very angry. The only reason I was not attacked physically was because this person was pulled away from me. This is not the behaviour one would expect from our Belhus Councillors and our SORA committee toward their residents.
    I was also amazed at the last SORA meeting that sue gray let Chris savill take the floor for ten minutes proclaiming that Howard Tenens were liars and insisted that he would shut them down, as I raised my hand I was told I was not allowed to discuss Howard Tenens at this meeting.
    Before the Sora meeting, we had a meeting with the Howard Tenens owner and Management to discuss the proposal of the entrance move. Also at this meeting was Chris Savill and Belhus Councillor Charlie Curtis, Amanda Arnold (con) who arranged the meeting and Cllr Wendy Herd (con for Aveley) my husband and myself and Mr Perrin. We discussed a wide range of subjects including our concerns about lorry movements on our roads, and could Howard Tenens be closed down, the answer to this as all the Belhus residents already knew is NO. Charlie Curtis was mumbling on about he could lift the enforcement notices. Surprisingly a few days later after the sora meeting had ended he told me there was nothing he could do about them? I have been told by one of my neighbouring residents that Cllr Charlie Curtis recently visited him (a few days after the sora meeting) proclaiming he can move the entrance? Chris savill unfortunately, obviously did not have the courage to tell the owner of Howard Tenens that he would close them down, and much preferred to do his showman act in front of his fellow supporters (SORA)
    So there it is mgriffiths91 and didi96. Your comments will be welcome.
    Deirdre Lodge
    Organiser of Belhus petition

  4. Thank you for a very detailed and concise report on what as happened, I just hope that we can go forward together and get some peace and rest from these lorries that have blotted our lives, I spoke with the manager of Howard Tenens this morning whilst he was out, photographing dead trees in Hangmans Woods, he had with a expert tree forester, who said he would now be looking after the forest and the wild animals that live there, he was going to cut down all the dead wood and clear the forest up of waste that had been thrown in the forest by, car and lorry drivers as they pass the forest, instead of binning it properly, I would like to say a big thank you to Deidre and Simon and Peter and others who have helped with our problems along the Stifford Road, what we need now is strong support from, our so called ward councillors, not when the press are there, but when the ordinary rate payers of the ward need them, this support as been sadly lacking in every sense, we have been assulted shouted at, and generally abused by our councillors, you know the ones that came to your doors and promised you everything to get your vote, then abandoned us when we needed them, now when we are really getting progress, they suddenly appear from the shadows like ghosts, and proclaim that they will help us and all is forgiven, well we dont want or need there help, and no everything isnt forgiven, I for one will stand up be counted in the forthcoming elections, and my colour will change from RED to BLUE because the conservatives have proved they are willing to help us, and not ridicule us, the members of the SORA committee, should be ashamed of themselves, they were elected to see fair play for the tenents of South Ockendon, to help where they can, not to sit back and ridicule and abuse the tenents they were elected to serve, because this ward contains many coloured people of mixed races, so what they can make of the Chairperson of SORA, insulting them, for FUN, and then telling everybody that will listern to her, she as been silly, is just beyond belief, I just hope she and Chris Savill, get what they deserve, now the boots on the other foot.

  5. Can anybody remember Chaffrica and the three thief drunk Tories. What’s the big deal? nothing happend over that it was taken out of context

  6. Hi uncle Albert I wondered when they would wheel out another supporter of our didgraced Labour councillor Sue Gray, give it some serious thought, she is placed in a position of respect and trust, to do the right things for her local voters to help and advise and to assist them, thats where she went wrong, she said I didnt read the text I sent out to my friends, but one of her friends sent it to a acting Police Inspector, who is now treating it seriously because it was full racial hatred, so how do you tell all the mixed coloured people in her ward, that she isnt racist NOW???, we have had problems in our part of Belhus ward, and havent received any help or assistans from either of our councillors, the best thing this councillor is to resign from the SORA chairpersons position as a matter of honour, then she can at least save some credability with her other councillors, because I dont think they think it was trivial, that is why she my friend she was suspended from all councillor work.

  7. Hi Mrs Albert your views of Chafrica and the drunken three have changed somewhat. You really do amuse me, perhaps its the special air in Norfolk

  8. i trust that yourthurrock.com will keep us all updated on the progress of the investigation of the issue of the email and the eventual outcome of the investigation.

  9. I have just read the Thurrock Enquirer page 7, the picture doesnt do our ward councillor any favours, its all very sad really, she should retire from rear line politics, if she as a bad memory, such as when there is a full council meeting, and what is more important SORA or the party you support, Most of the people I have spoken to feel that, she shouls retire, from the Labour party and SORA, and let somebody else take over that might be more committed to the people they are supposed to serve as councillors, I and alot of other people in her ward hope she, gets what she deserves in this matter, and just hope it isnt all swept under the carpet, now that the Essex police are involved.

  10. Danny………. You got your head so far up your ass, you beginning to talk it! You don’t know anything about it because you’ve not been told anythiing about it apart from the idiot who runs this blog and he knows bugger all either!
    Grow up sunbeam, because you made yourself look a total Prat and this idiot blog has shown you up for the thick lowlife, underprivilaged brainless idiot that you are! GET A LIFE!

  11. Yet again Mr Chris Savill [aka nitewolf] reveals what a foul mouthed, uncouth bully he is. He cannot open his mouth without emitting some foul obscenity and he glories in his capacity to be as insulting as he possibly can. His obsession with the anal region leads me to believe that is where his brain resides. This is a man who Cllr Sue Gray counts among her “dear” friends and considers him to be an indispensable asset. Maybe like attracts lke.


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