Saturday, September 30, 2023

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YT welcomes another blogger to our nation. Chafford Hundred student Rosie Sparrow.

Review of Katie Forde’s “Love Letters

“Usually when I read books, I think they’re great/amazing/fantastic and it’s because they are. But some books go beyond that, this one certainly did.  

The main character is Laura, quite shy, likes a quiet life and loves her books. I instantly identified with this character.

She worked in a bookstore which had to be closed down and then was thrown into organising a Literary Festival with people she didn’t even know. It was all terribly exciting and Laura didn’t like terribly exciting. To me, I loved having her as the protagonist and seeing how she interacted with everyone else, I could see a lot of myself in her. I always think this is a great factor when the main character is so close to you.  

Everybody wants the elusive, inspiring Irish Dermot Flynn to come to this festival and Laura was misunderstood and people thought she actually knew him. Even when they did understand that she didn’t in fact know him she still had to travel to Ireland to get him to turn up in order to prove herself and to make the festival a success.

What she hadn’t expected was to fall madly in love with him! 

There are many times in the book when you think “will they, won’t they?” My stomach was turning with the thought that she wouldn’t be willing to listen to him or open up and tell him how she really felt. All the way through the book I knew that this could be my favourite as long as it has a happy ending, or the one that I wanted the most, and luckily for me it did. I would have been disappointed if it had an unhappy ending because that would have ruined it and wouldn’t have suited the book at all. 

Love Letters ticked all the boxes of what a chick-lit book should be, it had humour, a mix of amazing characters and set in a beautiful country. 

This book is a must read.


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