Thursday, September 28, 2023

Go Dance at Quarry Hill Primary

CONTRARY TO some mis-guided assumption that all children live a sedentary lifestyle, a Tuesday afternoon at Quarry Hill primary school is a blur of physical activity!

We will be featuring a number of the activities over the next few weeks but today we focus on the work that the University of Bedfordshire are undertaking with the students.

Lecturer in Dance, Elsa Bradley said: “The project is a chance for us to build on what we already know about the health and wellbeing benefits of dance for young people.

“We want to find out whether dance can improve the fitness of young people, whether it can help them to feel good about themselves and whether it can change children’s minds about getting involved in dance and exercise.

“Essentially we are trying to build the case for dance being an important contributor to the Government’s bid to halt the rise of childhood obesity by 2020. Quarry Hill School is part of a wider project in three other areas of the Eastern region – we are hoping to really get a sense of what is happening in this area of the UK.”

YT popped in to see how the course was going.


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