Recycling success may bring changes

THURROCK’S top councillor for Environment thanked residents for their remarkable recycling efforts after Friday (18 February) evening’s meeting of the cabinet.

Cllr Val Morris-Cook said: “We are now recycling very nearly half the waste we produce from our homes and I want to thank residents for the way they have embraced the system.

“A cleaner-greener Thurrock is one of this council’s main priorities and it’s a real pleasure to know that local people are joining with us in this aim.”

She was speaking after the cabinet had agreed a £350,000 saving from the waste budget proposing that collections of the green and grey “residual” bins will move to fortnightly collection later in the year.

Cllr Morris-Cook said: “We are not talking about changing the blue recycling and brown composting collections — they will definitely be remaining weekly — but we are seriously looking at moving the residual collections to once a fortnight.

“Residents who are concerned about the smells coming from bins need not worry because everything that can ‘go off’ can be recycled or composted and will still be collected every week.

“Remember,” she said, “two years ago you had one 240 litre wheelie bin and one small 50 litre box to put the rubbish and recycling in. Now, with three 240 litre bins people are filling the blue one and putting very little in the green or grey one.

“Now that you have the three bins, the rubbish that goes in the residual one doesn’t smell.”

She added: “I know that one size doesn’t fit all and there will be some people who need to keep their weekly residual bin collection. The team will work with residents if there are genuine problems.

“I have spoken to many public meetings about this and once people understand that their recycling and composting bins will still be collected as usual, they understand the reasons for it — it will save on CO2 emissions too, as the lorries will make fewer runs.”

Thurrock Council is considering introducing the fortnightly collection of the residual, green and grey bins in June, however homes which still use the black bag collection system will remain at weekly collections.

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