Lakeside Racing Strip……problems continue

THERE ARE some stories or problems that simply don’t seem to be going away. One of them is the drag racing near Lakeside.

We have seen the arguments, opinions etc flow back and forth.

Judging by the large number of scenes on youtube it is bigger than ever. The fact that people are able to boast so candidly on social media sites may indicate that they can do so with impunity.

One resident, who does not wish to be named sent us a series of links on youtube.

The resident said: “Click any link, watch them all, wonder at what it is like for residents to live among this lawlessness, mayhem and anarchy and ask yourselves whether after some ten years of this why the heads of our local authority and police chiefs get to sleep in peace nights, weekends and bank holidays while Thurrock remains the laughing stock of the boy racer community across the country, across the world on line.

“There are hundreds of links to enable anyone to view the shameful, life threatening and senseless displays of madness that local residents have to endure.

“Another accident this weekend gone, a few almost killed and some certainly maimed for life late last year and local residents dice with death if using the roads and retail park to travel locally.

“This is not about cash or speed humps but a collective failure over succesive years to control our own streets.

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