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1200 lorries a day to run through Ockendon?

A LEADING Thurrock councillor has called for more attention to be made to lorry movements rather than just noise when in reaching a decision regarding a planning application in South Ockendon.

Conservative councillor, Barry Johnson made the criticism after an application was in front of the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (DC) on Monday. The application proposed the continued use of land for storage of containers, skips and vehicles with associated office and staff facilities in Arisdale Avenue.

The application has been deferred.

Cllr Johnson has asked resident to keep on the pressure. He said: “I would ask anybody who is concerned about this site to contact the Development Corporation with their comments quoting the above reference ( 10/50256/TTGFUL) so we can keep the pressure on the Development Corporation to stick to their own master plan for Ockendon and “remove all business sites from residential areas”

At the meeting, cllr Johnson made the following statement.

“I would like to start by conveying some of the problems faced by residents, local to the area which includes excessive noise due to the repairing of the containers on the site and the use of lorries at weekends as well as during the week.

Residents are also very aware of the safety aspects in using Arisdale Avenue as both pedestrians and vehicle users with lorries leaving the site without warning and the mounting of pavements by lorries not being able to access or leave the site in one movement.

Comments made in your own planning statement suggest that this site is surrounded only by industrial areas and makes no mention to the already occupied residential properties in Arisdale Avenue and Avontar Court.

It also suggests that the traffic movements should the application get the go ahead would be low when compared to the traffic once generated when the site was used by Fords.

This statement by way of recent residential development is simply not applicable and should not be considered as part of any evidence as the area is now quite different.

It also indicates by my calculation that another 30 lorry movements per day could be expected from this application.

I am sure you are all aware that there is such a thing as the straw that broke the camels back and in my opinion this application is just that, as unfortunately it is not in isolation with planning consent already granted to Next and Rural Arisings and with Howard Tenens looking for expansion I think that we are realistically looking at in excess of 1200 lorry movements a day through Ockendon’s residential areas.

The lorry movement is causing damage to property and it is also causing damage to services with frequent temp traffic lights being erected due to fractured gas mains. It is also severely damaging the junction of North/South and West Road, which simply cannot cope and with more and more families moving into Arisdale Avenue and Avontar Courts developments there will be more pedestrians using the avenue as they access both the station and the village which gives me and my residents grave concern for our safety”.


  1. Why doesn’t Conservative councilor, Barry Johnson join in where 2000 residents in the West Thurrock sign a petition about the daily dilemma they endure with the HGV every day?
    up till now Conservative councilor, Barry Johnson has never shown interest in the 2000 possibly there could be other reasons after reading your Thurrocks article’s on illegal lorry parks about certain Conservative councilors

  2. South Road South Ockendon has had a very hard fought for 7.5 ton weight restriction for years. The Police never pull up these HGV’s or prosecute them for driving through this restriction, much to the annoyance of the local community! When will Thurrock Council and the Police get off their backsides and earn the money they so religeously take off us each year! Our community’s need protecting from these HGV’s but at the same time these vehicles need to Park up due to driving hours! If authorities stop putting brick walls in the way and allow purpose built lorry parks on land adjascent to the M25/A13 then our communities would be safer and less pollution for us to breathe! South Ockendon is no longer to be an industrial area, according to the plan! I am very scepticle whether this plan will now be kept to, especially as the TTGDC will be sucked into Thurrock Council and we know what lies ahead with these people don’t we?
    Cllr Barry Johnson is on the right right track, don’t knock it, but I’m a bit weary of the intention as his seat is due up this election! Time will tell and yes hopefully we will all amalgamate on our causes and by the Grace of God Howard Tenens will be halted in their steps to increase HGV Traffic in our communities!

  3. What about Stifford Road South Ocekendon, there as been a problem with Noise pollution and CO2 Admissions from heavy lorries on a 24/7 for years, it hasnt just started, it as been an open sore for years, first they turned down Howard Tenens rights to expand within its own area, because of Ancient Woodlands, only to find out months later, the Council planning dept, had got the wrong woodlands, then they turned down another planning application to build a Entrance and Exit gate further along, Stifford Road South Ockendon, which would have made the lives of the residents along that road alot better than it is, from noise and exhaust pollution, the Highways and Byeways dept of Thurrock Council had already passed the plans, so the Thurrock Council seems to like, shooting thereselves in the foot, over what to do about Howard Tenens Site, this is made a lot worse by the local Belhus councillors (Labour),
    firstly denying anything was wrong, then declareing it illegel when it wasnt, now they distancing themselves from the very people who voted for them in the first place, its a pity Nitewolf, that you can be accurate about South Road, and Arisdale road, but cant seem to get it right when it comes to Stifford Road, why did they build the house and flats in Arisdale Road, opposite the closed Ford Motor Companies old Warehouses and alongside other light industrial sites along Arisdale road, they have started to build more houses along the C2C railway lines, are you going to put a stop to them as well?, I suggest you research the rerasons of the local council for having these buildings put into the middle of a established industrial estate, which was built before, the Flowers Estate, because my firend if you close all the factories, where are all your voters coming from, if you take there employment away..


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