Coalhouse Fort Mobile Explorer: 21st century tourism

THE shoreline at Coalhouse Fort is steeped in history: from the speeches of Queen Elizabeth to the spitfires of World War Two. But now a partnership between Thurrock Council and the ever-innovative Pixelwork has brought access to history and culture right into the heart of 21st century Thurrock.

It used to be that we would gain information whilst at a museum or place of interest by walking around with a guide. As we entered the late twentieth century, the walkman-like headset would be a great asset, but now, in the heart of our borough, a new innovation has been launched that may well revolutionise how we engage with places of interest and tourism in general.

YourThurrock went down to Coalhouse Fort to speak to Thurrock Council’s Scott Sullivan, Pixelwork’s Matt Harris and Agency East’s Lucy-Emma Harris where they explained the history of the project, how the project works and the number of local organisations involved in making it a success.

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