Tories tell Labour: Stop scaring residents

Cllr Gary Hague and Cllr Sue MacPherson have written to the Principal of the Community College in Thurrock after what they described as “rumours being spread” by the administration with regards to the closure of the college.

The Conservatives have set out a clear vision of what they want for the residents of Thurrock and how they want to raise aspirations for all.

Cllr MacPherson said: “Whilst in control they worked on Level 2 SATS to ensure that the young were given the best opportunities, and are pleased that the work is now being rewarded with better results. But we want the whole of Thurrock to strive for a better education and better prospects and to be in a position to take advantage of opportunities that are coming this way, not just the young”.

Councillor Hague said “We have already seen The Royal Opera House and DP World bring their business to Thurrock and we need to ensure our residents are in an ideal position to take advantages of the opportunities that these companies can offer. This is all part of the long term vision, but it appears the administration are set to scare the residents by saying that these opportunities are being taken away.

“Nowhere have the Conservatives said that the college is closing this year, what we have said is that we have a vision and we know the vision takes planning and further investment and will not happen overnight”. But without this vision we cannot raise aspirations in Thurrock.

Councillor MacPherson commented “We value the work of the Community College and know that it is a vital part of raising aspirations in Thurrock which is why we hope that we can have open discussions on how the Community College can be a leading partner in the vision.

“It appears that Labour don’t have a vision and are just scaring residents. 

The Conservatives vision is for a central location for learning and excellence in Grays. A centre accessible to all that learners from all over Thurrock will want to come to.  A centre that’s vibrant where more businesses will want to support. A vision where learners regardless of age can come together from all parts of the community.

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