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Attempt murder trial opens and hears of frenzied knife attack on disabled South Ockendon woman


A DISABLED South Ockendon woman was subject to a vicious and sustained knife attack that left her close to death, a jury at Basildon Crown Court heard today (Monday).

A seventeen year old youth (who cannot be named for legal reasons) and Christopher Rowe, 23, Dart Green, South Ockendon are both accused of attempting to murder Amanda Stephenson in her flat in Celadine Close, South Ockendon on Sunday September 23rd last year.

Presiding Judge Christopher Mitchell heard that sickle cell sufferer Ms Stephenson, 27, had put a message on Rowe’s facebook page telling him and the youth to “stop taking drugs” in her flat as she could be evicted by Thurrock Council.

Prosecuting counsel Andrew Jackson told the jury of six men and six women that at 11pm on the 23rd, the two accused went round to Ms Stephenson’s flat.

Once within, the youth began to vandalise the flat, racially abuse her, before brandishing a knife and stabbing her nine times in the chest, abdomen and neck area.

The wounds were inflicted with such force that the knife bent in two.

The court heard that Ms Stephenson pleaded with Rowe to come to her assistance but this was rejected. Instead, Rowe showed her that he was also in possession of a knife.

As Ms Stephenson begged for her life, she attempted to use her mobile phone but the youth kicked it away from her.

As she lay on the floor, the two males left with the youth saying: “We came to do what we came to do.”

Ms Stephenson crawled to her phone and dialled 999. She was rushed to Basildon hospital where she underwent emergency surgery for a number of life threatening injuries including a punctured liver.

She remained in intensive care for five days and survived.

Rowe and the youth were arrested in the South Ockendon area soon after.

Rowe pleads not guilty to attempted murder, wounding with intent and possession of an offensive weapon.

The youth has pled guilty to wounding with intent but pleads not guilty to attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon.

The case continues.


  1. These scum are one reason that the the Death Sentence should be bought back, there is no place in society for people like this, locking them up at the tax payers expense should not be an option.


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