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Residents concern over three day music festival in Aveley

EX-GRAYS ATHLETIC owner Mick Woodward has emerged from the shadows to reveal himself as the major financial backer to a three day music festival at the Essex Sports Village on Purfleet Road, Aveley.

Mr Woodward and entertainments supremo Dave Clark (no not that one) met with concerned residents at the club last night.

The organisers insisted that this would not be a rave.

Mr Clark said: “We have many names on our wish list. Jools Holland, Westlife, Boyzone and Katherine Jenkins but nothing set in stone.

“I have been in discussions with the community forum. I want the community, local charities and local talent involved.”

Mr Woodward (looking a lot more relaxed than his final days at Grays) said: “The sports village is dying on its feet. It needs investment. We are in discussions with Terry Venables to bring in a whole new dynamic sports complex here but meanwhile we need big ticket events.”

The concerts could attract over 10,000 people. Residents asked a number of questions including whether alcohol would be sold, camping overnight, parking and police and council involvement.

The organisers stressed that there is a 28-day consultation period. They promised that they would keep everyone in the immediate vicinity involved

The concerts are set to take place on the 27th, 28th and 29th August running for twelve hours each day.


  1. What this article fails to say is whether Thurrock council was represented, the police or the 3 ward councillors Cowell, Herd or Provost at this meeting.

    These events take a huge amount of organising and policing. Who will be picking up the bill for the extra police that need to be drafted in for the weekend and as it is a bank holiday it will be double pay all round for overtime.

    Of course there will be alcohol it not sold it will be taken in as part of the picnic.

    Licences need to be applied for and granted, risk assessment need to be submitted and adequate insurance needs to be provided.

    The Terry Venables carrot has been bounced around for years and he has made no effort to move forward with this proposal. This all sounds like a nice little money spinner to me.

    And one final thought comes to mind. Thurrock already has T Fest planned in July, just one month before the proposed Aveley festival. T Fest is a free music festival and features heavily local talent and organisations as well as the famous acts.

    The question is surely does Thurrock need a second music festival?

  2. Yep we have T Fest 23/24 July which is a very popular event within Thurrock and well attended, this featival at Aveley could be a great event if it gets the planning permission that is required, this was similar to plans that were put forward for the final season at The New Recreation Ground which unfortunately never came to fruition.

    As Sting has said it will be interesting to see who is picking up the bill for the extra security, police car parking etc, as long as it is not the residents of Thurrock


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