Stanford scouts give blanket cover for New Zealand

Scouts from south Essex have supported their fellow Scouts in New Zealand by donating to the Blacket Appeal following the Christchurch Earthwake last month.
2nd Stanford-le-Hope Scout Group have supported the New Zealand blanket appeal by donating money to the cause.

Following on from last months devestating earthquake in Christchurch, it was found that the city had a shortage of emergency blankets. So the Scout Association of New Zealand launched a globle appeal for aid to purchase more blankets to help with the releif work.

Chief Executive of SCOUTS New Zealand said in a statement; “Having spoken to Civil Defence and other relief agencies on the ground, SCOUTS New Zealand is committing to an initial consignment of 500 blankets which we will be sending immediately to a welfare centre near Christchurch for distribution as the agencies think best.

“The blankets may not be used immediately but we have been assured that they will be very gratefully received.”

“If we are advised that blankets are no longer needed, any further or surplus donations would of course go directly to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal.”

The Group donated 105 New Zealand dollars which is just over £50.

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