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Talon at the Thameside: Review

By Tanya Coutts

WHEN you say to people that you’re going to see an Eagles tribute band they kind of look at you in a way as if to say: “Why? They can’t possible be like the real Eagles, they’re just a tribute.” But this is far from reality as you can get with Talon who are, in my opinion, an amazing tribute act.

Talon were in Grays touring the Farewell 1 tour on Friday night (1st April). Not their Farewell tour they might like to point out, but the Eagles’ Farewell 1 tour that was recorded live in Melbourne in 2004, and they planned to recreate that concert in the intimate setting of the Thameside Theatre.

Now, being in my early twenties, I have never had the chance to see the Eagles perform live on stage, but was never one to shy away from my mum’s music collection while growing up and being taken to a Talon performance was always a great (and much cheaper) substitute.

The classics were all there on Friday night with New Kid in Town, Lyin’ Eyes, and Hotel California all making an appearance. The Farewell 1 tour gave the group a chance to revive some of their other much loved songs that haven’t been performed for a while, such as One Day at a Time, as well as a few new ones from the tour.

Each member of Talon brings to the group a feature that works well in the Eagles tracks. Chris Lloyd recreates Don Henley’s higher vocal range making it his own each time; Peter Anderson brings the bass baritones to each song which fits perfectly in those Glenn Frey country tracks; Jonny Miller has an amazing voice and his lead vocals on I Can’t Tell You Why leave you speechless at the end of the song; Finally, Tony Vegas, who can play a mean guitar riff, puts so much enthusiasm into his performance that it’s hard not to stare at him.

Chris, Peter, Jonny and Tony are not just an Eagles Tribute Act, they are all fantastic musicians with their own CD out and Chris has even released a solo album to raise funds for McMillan Cancer Support.

Their voices, guitar riffs, banter and down to earth attitude makes these guys a must see. They include the audience in every performance and encourage you to sing, clap or dance along. If it weren’t for health and safety reasons, I’m sure we’d have all been dancing in the aisles.


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