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Ward by Ward: West Thurrock and South Stifford: The Great Gadsby?

THIS ward was a big winner for the Tories in the 2004 “Night of the Paper Candidates”. Two of them, Gareth Davies and Georgina Polley were excellent councillors. They were ousted and the ward has become a safe Labour ward. Outgoing candidate Julianne Burkey was visibly out of her depth and then became ill.

This years Labour candidate, Victoria Holloway also seems somewhat publicity shy. We understand that she is busy working at the moment so is not available which makes you wonder what she is going to do when she becomes a councillor. Indeed, Labour have made a great play of social media but the twitter account of vholloway seems to be full of references to #towie and national issues but not one reference to her standing in Thurrock . Just what the people of Purfleet need?

The Conservative candidate, Ben Gadsby appears to be a confident, quite self contained young man. His interview is less than two minutes long but he gives clear, considered answers. He lives in the area and clearly has the area’s concerns at heart. What is encouraging for the Tories is that they have young candidates such as Ben and Shane Hebb who have a political philosophy. That can only be good for the future.

This area needs a champion and hasn’t had one in quite a while. The people of Purfleet feel somewhat isolated. On Wednesday the council Cabinet debated the progress on the delivery of the Purfleet Town Centre. Obviously cllr Andy Smith is leading it but the other candidates have been somewhat silent on it. Time to get with the action, candidates.

This area has great socio-economic challenges. YT spent three weeks in court in the case of Purfleet resident, Priscilla Scamp who received eighteen years for murder. It was a complex story but how many NEETS are out there in Purfleet needing a pro-active councillor to stand up for them?

Oh and Victoria, #towie were at Orsett Hall yesterday. Shut up……………….

(#towie…….The Only Way Is Essex)

YT prediction: Lab Hold: 200 maj

West Thurrock & South Stifford
Daniel Allen (Liberal Democrat)
Ben Gadsby (Conservative)
Victoria Holloway (Labour)
Warren Michael Parish (British National Party)


  1. I asked Ms Holloway that exact same question and, she asked me where it was… Hmmmm….

    I know where my vote is going at least Ben knew where it was.

  2. he may know where it is but will he support his constituents or toe the party line and support the nimbys on chafford?.

  3. There is actually a very simple answer to that question:

    Devonshire Road was built as a relief road. It needs a very convincing argument to tell me why it shouldn’t remain so. There was nobody living there to start with, and if people have moved to a relief road that’s their own fault.

    London Road and West Thurrock road have many many more people living on them and a school. It’s a miracle we haven’t had a tragedy on the road already. And as someone who cycles along the roads from Purfleet into Grays regularly I know exactly how much you take your life in your hands with some idiotic lorry drivers.

    If elected, I want to stand up for Purfleet, West Thurrock and South Stifford. I know that sounds like a ploy for votes, but I actually live and work in the ward. This gives me a vested interest in what goes on here! I can’t promise to achieve everything we want, but as the only candidate who lives in the ward I can promise you I care the most.

    If anyone wants to get in touch with me directly with questions they can via

  4. thanks for the reply ben,its good to get a straight answer,perhaps the other candidates could do the same.i’m not sure about the not having had a tragedy already.


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